How To Design A White Kitchen Space

Does A White Kitchen Space Appeal To You?

One of the more popular kitchen design trends we’ve been seeing is designing the kitchen space in a white or off-white color scheme. This modern design is proving to be fresh and timeless, which is great for homeowners hoping to avoid a redesign in the near future. A white kitchen space will make the focal point of your home seem bigger and brighter. In this article we will be discussing the different components that make up an all white kitchen design.

Add a White Kitchen Sink

Though white kitchen sinks are typically only seen in bathrooms, they are slowly making the transition to the kitchen. The classic white sink and farmhouse sink are perfect choices for your white kitchen. There are a few different types of materials you can choose for your sink, but we recommend a stainless steel material. Stainless steel is extremely durable, which is beneficial if you are hard on your sink. Fireclay is another good material choice, as it’s easy to clean and is resistant to staining and scratches.

Add White Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets face outward, and take up a large part of your kitchen’s space. That makes kitchen cabinets a major impact in your design element. After installing your white kitchen cabinets, we suggest adding unique cabinet handles or knobs. Unique knobs will bring a sense of style to your kitchen, and pop nicely against the white. Additionally, they can easily be interchanged, so if you grow tired of the knobs you can switch them out for a new color or style.

Add White Kitchen Countertops

There are several different white countertop materials to choose from.

White Glass

As one of the most expensive materials, white glass will give your kitchen a bright and sleek look. Additionally, white glass is a very hygienic countertop material, and is nonporous (a smooth purpose of which latent print resides only on the surface).

Engineered White Quartz

Engineered white quartz is a material that is both durable and nonporous. Engineered white quartz is extremely sanitary and able to resist staining and scratching.

White Marble

White marble is a classic material that will add texture and warmth to your counters. The only downside to white marble are that you must wipe up any spills right away, seal it on a regular basis, and avoid placing hot pans on the counter’s surface.

White Granite

White granite offers a classic look similar to marble, and will come with less maintenance. Granite only needs to be sealed once a year, but you’ll still need to wipe up spills immediately.

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