Home Design Styles

Choose the perfect style for your home

The first step in building your dream home is exploring varying design styles and finding one that appeals to your lifestyle and personality. Do you prefer Mediterranean style, or are you drawn to the classic architecture of a Colonial or Victorian home? Explaining your dream home style will also allow your custom home builder to bring your ideas to life in every aspect and detail of your home.

Here are a few of the most popular styles today:


If you are inspired by homes that have the polished taste of America’s thirteen original colonies’ settlers, Colonial style may be for you. These homes are usually two stories high and have one chimney in the center of the home, or one at each end of the home. These homes are most commonly designed and made from bricks or wood. The front door is located in the center of the home, with a hallway design that leads to the living room on one side and the dining room on the other side. There is typically a family room and kitchen in the back of a Colonial style home. They also have intricate finishes all along the interior and exterior of the home.


Modern homes are stripped down and elegant, with open layouts that feature an abundance of natural light. This style is adapted from homes in the 1920’s, and usually has a flat or shallow-pitched roofs and large expanses of glass in the front or sides of the home. Modern and industrial materials can both be found incorporated in this design style.


Victorian homes are elaborate designs with steep roof pitches, turrets, towers, eyebrow windows and bays that are decorated with shingles, windows and gingerbread designs that originated in the United States from 1875 through the turn of the century. Victorian houses are known for being free form and rambling, and usually are at least two stories. Since there are no two Victorian homes that are exactly the same, these house plans are a great way to express your creative side.


Mediterranean style homes are known for their arched windows and doorways, spiraling stairwells, low-pitched roofs, wrought-iron balconies and columns. These homes mimic those traditionally found in Spain, France, and other Mediterranean countries. Mediterranean homes usually have stucco, are brightly painted, and feature large patios or courtyards.

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