Different Tiles For Kitchen Backsplashes

Which Tile Will Work Best For Your Kitchen?

Kitchen backsplashes are commonly overlooked, though they are one of the most important parts in the designing of your custom home, and are typically referred to as the focal point of the kitchen. At Bayfair, we know that tile backsplashes are a popular trend, and in this article we will discuss the different types of tiles available to choose from.

Specialty-shaped Tile

Why limit your custom kitchen to square tile? You have plenty of options when it comes to finding unique shapes and colors. The oval shape will give off a fun, retro feel to your custom kitchen, and you can go bold with a solid red color, or tone it down with a soft grey.

Custom Mosaic Tile

Custom mosaic tile can be a little pricey, making it an option only if you have the budget for it. If so, choose a design that is all your own.

Laser-cut Tile

Laser-cut tiles are carefully cut with lasers. This is what makes the elaborate designs that give off the look of a pieced together puzzle. Laser-cut tile can be extremely expensive, because the materials tend to be made of precious materials i.e.s, quartz, marble, or handmade silver-backed glass.

Mirror Tile

Mirror tile is exactly what it sounds like. It consists of tiny mirrored tiles all put together to form one design of a mirrored backsplash with texture. If you choose this type of tile design, consider placing it in a buffet area, butler’s pantry, or a serving station.

Large-pattern Tile

One of the more popular backsplash tile trends right now is the large-pattern tile. We recommend using this backsplash on your kitchen walls. This tile needs to be laid out on your wall space carefully, so that it looks even along the walls.

Subway Tile

Subway tile is typically used in subway stations all over the world, and you might not think of it as something for your custom home. However, this tile is timeless and classic. For a more modern look with subway tile, line it all the way up to the ceiling.

Herringbone Tile

Herringbone tile will add plenty of texture to your custom kitchen, making it pop. Herringbone tile patterns are typically purchased on a mesh backing that holds several pieces together, making it easier and more cost efficient to install.

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