Benefits Of Using Cork In Your Home

Learn the Benefits Of Using Cork in Your Home

At Bayfair, building your dream home is our goal. A recent trend in custom homes we are seeing is designing them to be more eco-friendly. This involves finding sustainable and green alternative products to use in your custom home. Cork is becoming more and more popular as an eco-friendly product, and is typically found in walls and flooring. The great thing about cork, besides being a sustainable product, is that it is available in different colors and textures so it is starting to be integrated into decorative pieces. As your custom home builders, we’ve come up with a few points to read through if you are debating using cork in your custom Bayfair home.


When used in your home, cork will act as a natural insulator. This will help to lock in the heat during those few Florida winter months, which will assist in decreasing your electricity bill. Cork insulation will also act as a sound barrier, perfect for watching a movie in the living room and not disturbing someone reading upstairs.


As we mentioned earlier, cork is being recognized as a product of versatility, taking it above and beyond floors and walls. Cork can be used throughout your entire custom home; in the dining room table, countertops, floor mats, coffee tables and more.


Cork is a highly renewable product, because the cork oak tree does not need to be cut down in order to be used. Unlike other trees, the cork oak tree is harvested by hand, causing no damage to the tree, allowing it to reproduce more cork in it’s lifespan. A little fun fact about cork, not only does it offer eco-friendly benefits to your home, but it also offers benefits to the environment. When a cork tree is regularly harvested, the trees will absorb at least five times more CO2 than otherwise.


Along with it’s eco-friendly and sustainable benefits, cork is also extremely durable. This long-lasting product can last up to 50 years before needing to be replaced. Along with that, cork is more scratch resistant. This is due to its buoyancy; its softer surface. Cork will not only last decades, but it will maintain its look and feel.

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