Advantages Of An Open Floor Plan

Learn the Advantages of Having an Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan consists of one or more large, open rooms that have the ability to act as multiple rooms within a single living space. An open floor plan typically excludes hallways, walls, and doors, which makes for a more inviting layout. With the trend of open floor plans popping up more and more in custom homes, we’ve provided a brief overview of the advantages of this layout to assist you in deciding if it’s right for your custom home.

Natural Light

An open floor plan omits interior walls, which provides sunlight with an easier way to travel and helps it to connect your indoor spaces with the outdoor ones. It’s recommended that homebuyers add several windows in the living room or kitchen, because it will not only give you a nice view of your outdoor space, but it will also help to brighten up all of the adjoining rooms with the glow of natural sunlight.

Larger Feel

When designing a custom home with an open floor plan, homeowners should keep in mind that open floor plans are recommended for two-story homes with vaulted ceilings. The reason being, if you’re going to remove walls, opening space upwards will give the home the feeling of much larger space.

Easier for Entertaining

Entertaining has never been easier in a custom home with an open floor plan. For example, if you have company over and are cooking in the kitchen, you’ll still be able to see and interact with your guests. When cooking a family meal, you won’t have to worry about running from room to room to bring out refreshments, or miss out on socializing. Additionally, an open floor plan will alleviate flow from one room to another, as well as help avoid overcrowding in one area.

Making the Kitchen a Focal Point

With an open floor plan, the kitchen tends to be the focal point of the home, because that’s where everyone will typically gather. This allows the homeowner to take advantage of the focal point and customize the kitchen to ensure it maximizes its full potential. Homeowners can upgrade to stainless steel appliances, install granite countertops, choose decorative backsplashes, and use bright paints to enhance the spotlight of their custom home.

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