6 Tips to Help Plan Your Outdoor Kitchen


Indoor family dinners are always a hit, but outdoor kitchen gatherings take it up a notch. If you’re considering an outdoor kitchen, we have some tips to help you plan it out.


The most important tip in planning an outdoor kitchen is knowing what you can afford. Costs start in the low thousands and go higher depending on the appliances and extras you choose. Think about how often you’ll use the kitchen. If you host many gatherings, you can go for the bells and whistles. If you only use your kitchen for your immediate family you can keep things a little more simple. Consider how close the kitchen is to your home and the climate you live in to determine what appliances and extras you can do without.


Determine where you want your outdoor kitchen. Do you prefer it close to your home or further out? If it’s closer to your home, you’ll have more access to lines for water and gas. The walls of your home may limit your options for the placement of your kitchen. You’ll need the right ventilation to keep smoke out of your home too. If you choose to place the kitchen further from the house, it’ll be harder to reach your outlets. But, you’ll have more options for which direction your kitchen will face since the walls of your home won’t obstruct your view as much.


Choose the layout best suited for your space and style. Be mindful of measuring and spacing your appliances for the area. Some of the most popular layouts include:

  • Island layout: centralizes everything for gatherings
  • Straight-line layout: best for small outdoor kitchens
  • U-shaped layout: well-suited for larger outdoor kitchens

Durable Materials

Select your materials based on weather conditions. Materials should be safe and durable. Look for water-resistant materials for cabinets. Choose sealed concrete to guard against floor cracking. Use lighter colored stones for your countertops because they absorb stains and stay cool in the heat.

Hire a Professional

Get the help of a professional to handle the logistics of gas, electricity, and plumbing. Doing so will help you avoid troublesome inspections and a delayed or denied permit.


Outdoor kitchens should be convenient. Select appliances that will make cooking outdoors easy. Naturally you’ll want a stove and grill. Install a sink for washing dishes so you won’t have run into your home to do so. An outdoor refrigerator will save you time and energy as well. Don’t forget about a hood to ventilate odors and smoke.

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