6 Bathtub Style Options

Which Style is Right for Your Space?

Whether you’re choosing a bathtub for your new luxury home or replacing one in your existing bathroom, it’s important to think about factors like bathroom size, features, materials, and shapes when making your decision. To get you started, we’ll share 6 bathtub styles to choose from so you can transform your bathroom space into a luxurious getaway.

1. Freestanding

Freestanding tubs are an excellent option because they are easier to install. The faucet and drain are detached which gives you the freedom to place the tub in your desired location.

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2. Undermount

Undermount tubs require more work to install as the deck of the bath is mounted beneath an invisible deck material.

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3. Corner

Corner baths are large and triangular and fit in the corner of your bathroom. They are similar to alcove and drop-in styles and are big enough for two bathers.

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4. Drop-in

Drop-in tubs are easy to install and are customizable because the tubs shells fit inside a framed enclosure which allows for many design options for the deck and surrounding areas.

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5. Alcove

Alcove tubs are recessed tubs with a shower and mounted faucets and is connected to three walls. Alcove is a great option for your bathroom if you want to maximize space.

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6. Clawfoot/Pedestal

Clawfoot style tubs are similar to freestanding, except they are raised from the floor and there’s a pipe drain below it. These tubs add character to bathrooms and are known for their signature style clawfoot legs.

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Materials and Features

Each tub style comes in several material options such as cast-iron, copper, ceramic tile, stone and wood, and acrylic. Available features include hydro-massage jets, music systems, whirlpool jets, slip-resistant floors, and walk-in features. Additional things to keep in mind when deciding are that floors may need to be reinforced for heavier tubs, whether you want your faucet to the right or left, and whether your water heater can generate enough hot water for the size of your tub.

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At Bayfair, we believe that every aspect of your home should be luxurious, from its exterior to its interior—no expense should be spared. Your master bath should be a place you retreat to after a long day and your tub should be its centerpiece.

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