5 Flooring Options for Wine Cellars

Different Flooring Styles for Wine Enthusiasts

At Bayfair, we build homes of style and distinction with high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. If you’re a wine enthusiast, we recommend adding a wine cellar to your home with flooring that speaks exquisite taste and prestige.

Important Tips Before Selecting Flooring

Depending on the location of your wine cellar, flooring has to be strong enough to support large amounts of weight. Think, heavy wine bottles, cabinets, and racks. Choose flooring that is durable and can withstand spills and humidity. For this reason, carpets are not recommended so flooring needs a protective vapor barrier to withstand high humidity especially if built over concrete.

Let’s explore five flooring options for your next home renovation!

1. Tile

Choosing tile for your flooring means you get so many beautiful styles, sizes, and colors to choose from. Your design options are limitless. Tile is strong and retains its color over time. It’s also easy to clean.

2. Cork

Cork is an obvious choice for wine cellars. Cork is inexpensive and strong. This eco-friendly material is easy to install over existing flooring, has thermal and acoustic insulation, and is known to be a very comfortable walking surface. It stands the test of time because it contains a substance that prevents rotting and molding and it’s also fire-resistant.

3. Wood

Wood is a natural choice for many wine cellar owners. It works well as long as it isn’t installed over concrete. Add wooden borders to give flooring a unique style.

4. Stone

Stone is also a durable flooring option that is especially if you plan to host wine tasting sessions because it is less prone to staining. Choices include marble, travertine, slate, and brick that can be sealed for added shine or a simple matte finish.

5. Reclaimed Wine Barrel

Reclaimed wine barrel is the 5-star choice of wine cellar flooring. Materials are recycled from old wine barrels which give wine cellars a truly distinct look. Choose between Stave, Infusion, and Cooperage finishes. Every plank is unique with markings and stamps due to natural staining from wine.

Whatever flooring you choose, a wine cellar is an exquisite addition to any home. It’s a chance to escape from the world, an opportunity to gather with family and friends, or a reason to discuss business with colleagues.


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