4 Tips for Great Laundry Rooms

Add Style and Function to One of the Most Useful Rooms in Your Home

The laundry room is the forgotten room in our home. So much attention is focused on bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, yet laundry rooms play an important role in our daily lives.

While your guests aren’t likely to see your laundry room, there’s no reason why it can represent your personal style. Also, because it’s often a forgotten room, the space itself may be in need of upgrades that can make it more efficient. The following tips will make your laundry room a beautiful and functional space.

Add Lighting

Laundry rooms are typically found in little nooks within our hallways or stuck in basements. Without windows for natural light, the laundry room can be a dreary place. Along with upgrading your overhead light fixture, under cabinet lighting will brighten the room a great deal.

Get Creative With Your Laundry Storage System

If you don’t have a specific system for storing your laundry, get one. It will make life in the laundry room a lot easier. If you have one and you want to add style, consider wicker laundry baskets on wheels or metal baskets. Whatever you choose, it’s important that it fits the style of the room and that it is functional.

Add Custom Cabinets

The idea is for your laundry room to be functional and beautiful. If you have the space, add 36’ kitchen cabinets to the laundry room. These cabinets will add additional storage space and instantly upgrade the look and feel of the room.

Brighten the Room With Bright Colors

Besides lighting, the best way to brighten a dreary laundry room is with bold, beautiful colors. Orange, yellow or, even teal paints can transform the character of this room and make it standout.

Laundry rooms don’t have to be boring, forgettable places. With a little light, a little color, more storage, and a lot of love, your laundry room can be as amazing as the rest of your home.

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