4 Key Features of Green Homes


When it comes to the environment, how we build homes matters. Improper use of energy, water, and materials will have a negative effect on the environment and human health. Reducing waste, conserving natural resources, and preventing pollution is our goal at Bayfair. We can help you build a luxurious and healthy home environment with today’s green building products. In addition, building green adds value to your home. In this article we’ll discuss four key features of green homes.

Energy-Efficient Equipment

ENERGY STAR certified homes are built with strict standards set forth by The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Installing energy-efficient equipment reduces utility bills and protects the environment. The indoor quality of your home will increase through the use of energy-labeled heating and cooling equipment, appliances, and high-performance windows. Installing a programmable thermostat and LED lighting helps as well.

Solar-Power System

Installing solar panels means you’ll be using the natural resources around you to power your home. Solar panels absorb sunlight and converts it into electricity. You’ll also cut electricity costs. Solar panels will qualify you for tax incentives and reduce your carbon footprint.

Smart Landscaping

Not only should your landscaping be aesthetically pleasing, it should be environmentally conscious. It’s important to understand your homesite as you plan your landscaping. Stay on top of your irrigation schedule by adjusting according to the seasons. Choose plants and grass that need less water. Considering planting trees to shade your home from the sun’s heat.

Sustainable Materials

Building a green home means choosing environmentally safe and energy-efficient materials. Choosing these materials should be done in the design and planning stage. For instance, you can use recycled wood for your flooring. Another green option would be choosing eco-friendly paints and stains with little to no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and biocides.

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