4 Beautiful Countertop Materials for Your New Home

Which Countertop Will You Choose?

Today, new homeowners have so many options when it comes to building the custom home of their dreams. In particular, there are many material options for the countertops in your home so have fun but choose wisely. We’ll provide a brief guide to countertop materials to give you some ideas for your new home.


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Granite is among the most popular choices for countertops. It’s durable and comes in many colors and finishes. Pricing is $50-$200 per square foot and will vary based on whether you choose to use tile or slabs.

Stainless Steel

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Stainless steel is a great option because they are easy to clean and for those who are chefs at heart, the fact that they are heat-resistant is an added bonus. The glossy shine makes this attractive option. Be advised, these countertops are prone to watermarks, scratches, and dents; they can also be quite noisy. Stainless steel cost ranges between $65-$100 per square foot.


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Wood isn’t the first material people will go for when it comes to countertops because of potential water damage, but the key is to choose a high-quality wood and sealer. If your wood gets a little damage, you can get it resanded and refinished. The cost of wood countertops will vary based on the type of wood you select but can cost as much as $100 per square foot.


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Marble is a classic material that is more delicate than granite, however, it comes in more variety. If you’re looking for an elegant high-end option, marble is the way to go, but beware, marble stains and scratches easily so sealing and care is important. Marble is one of the most expensive options which will cost around $100 to over $200 per square foot.

Eco-Friendly Options

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If you strive to maintain style while being kind to the environment, we’ve got a few environmentally-friendly material options for you as well. A few materials that meet industry certifications for sustainability in include salvaged wood, bamboo, bioglass, and recycled paper. Look for certifications such as Cradle to Cradle and GreenGuard.

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